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V2 Page 1: Him

V2 Page 1: Him


Conplicated: Geode Corner Final

When sarcastic but charitable Amber Pennicastle follows a handsome panhandler to his secret hideaway, her life turns upside-down in this action/romantic comedy.


Loom's Geode Corner Review!

The fantastic, wonderful Loom of "Vampire Fetish" featured "Geode Corner" in a favorable and fun review hosted on her website. She is a great comicker so be sure to check her work. She also contributes to the webcomic community in many ways, from tutorials to articles. If you like the twisted humor and quirky characters in my comic, you'll LOVE Loom's go read her stuff if you haven't discovered it yet! Check out the GC review here:
and Loom's web-world here:

Posted by Trallt14 @ January 8th, 2013, 5:09 pm
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My Other Comics! :D

While you're waiting for random "Love is Conplicated" updates...Check out one of my other comics... Curly Girlz Comics:Defenders of Time (DOT) for time travel, high school drama, and lots and lots of hair! (Rated G) Sparkly!

My other project is "Time Warden". This one is a little different my usual projects. I have a couple pages uploaded, but it is set to update starting the last week of July. With Tide Warden, I'm trying to experiment more with traditional mediums and use the computer for as little as possible (minus some touch up and minor water effect.)Rated PG-13ish for fantasy violence and the "f" word.

In a watery world of countless dangers and ungrateful citizens, Jonah Izarro never wanted to be the TideWarden of Hydrolynn. Despite his constant efforts to protect his assigned township, the local TideWarden resents his lonely island life of forced responsibility. However, his isolated world changes forever when an airship crashes on his island.

Posted by Trallt14 @ July 8th, 2012, 11:24 pm
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GC Cosplay and more!

GC Cosplay and more!

Amazing! Cosplay of Silas and Amber! Check it out!

Annnd check out the chibi contest entrants!

Also, thank you for bearing with me during the hiatus. GC grayscale and color versions WILL return shortly. I am working on finishing up an art project for someone among other work issues, so that is why I havent updated. Thank you for your continued support and comments, I truly appreciate it during this stressful time. I cannot WAIT to get back to updating GC again!

Posted by Trallt14 @ October 30th, 2011, 5:58 pm
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Geode Corner Chibi Contest Extended. : )

Hey folks! Summer schedules are kind of erratic (including mine) , thus I've decided to extend the Geode Corner Chibi Contest until August 30th! I know some other folks wanted to enter.

And...all entrants will have an original character featured in a collective pic. : )

Simple Rules:

1. Up to 2 entries
2. Any GC character, but separate entries. : )

Grand Prize-
*A 3-Month Deviant Art Subscription or equal value in DA Points

*Full Page Color Ad in Geode Corner Volume 3* Like this one for BT: [link]
Ads will be placed at the end of Volume 3 in Geode Corner (grayscale) and at the end of Volume 1 color.

*Full-Color detailed commission by Trallt, author/illustrator of Geode Corner (G-Pg-13 Only)

*DeviantArt Watch if applicable

*Exclusive Journal Feature with link to your Deviantart gallery or website and 10 pictures from your gallery.

Category Prizes (Its a little different this time)
-Most Creative
-Most Adorable
-Judge's Choice

There will be one grand prize winner (see above) and four category winners.
Category winners will get:
-A half-page in-comic ad (see above)
-Journal Feature
-Simple character fanart (with simple background only)
-Icon post in journal

Posted by Trallt14 @ July 12th, 2011, 5:44 pm
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New Blog! Geode Corner and More! : )

I just started a new blog:

I hope to feature "extras" and sketches/artwork you might not see here or on my DA account. I'm hoping to include weekly webcomic features, comic updates, random life tidbits, and... cute little cloud drawings.

Follow me and I will follow you back! :D

*If you followed my old one I'm not using that one anymore. :P

Posted by Trallt14 @ July 12th, 2011, 5:38 pm
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