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1. Isn’t this Geode Corner? Doesn’t this comic already exist?

A: Yes and No.
I did ask permission in the SJ Forum prior to posting a new version of the same comic. No one had a problem with it. You can read my inquiry and the responses here:
Geode Corner was originally presented in a grayscale/manga style comic I consider my “second draft”. The first drafts are in little booklets I keep hidden. (Storyboards). My final draft allows me to present the comic in color, add more dialogue, fix up some scenes and continuity issues, and present a similar but different comic I can be proud of. I wanted to go for cleaner linework, higher quality images, and of course, color! I originally saw GC as a “shojo”, and while it has elements of shojo romance, I couldn’t help but fall back into my Western art roots. “Conplicated” is drawn in my usual style with elements of manga, while the first draft was drawn in a manga style with elements of American comics!
It is a different…color…quality, some storyline changes, shortening where I need to, and added scenes where I need to. It’s the “special edition”.
If you’re new to the comic and you want “spoilers” feel free to read the grayscale version, though some elements may change. My plan is to finish the grayscale through volume three. Volumes 1-3 of the new version will constitute one volume of the color version. After I finish Volume 3 of the grayscale version, I hope to continue the story in color only.

2. How did you come up with Geode Corner?
I had the idea for this story for along time. One day in Northampton, I met this old, “homeless” lady begging for change. She looked so cute and old so I bought her a soda or coffee she demanded. My mom and I decided to follow her to see where a homeless elderly lady would go in Northampton. Much to our surprise, the old weasel gets into this real nice car with her friend and drives off! (Smiling and laughing I may add.) I knew there was a story in there somewhere, so the draft of Geode Corner came to a breathtakingly beautiful American named TRALLT one night while she indulged in a fine glass of four dollar wine. It’s strongly influenced by eccentric friends and family. I wrote a bunch of volumes to amuse some loved ones because we were all too poor to actually buy our own manga. They both encouraged me to “do something with it”, so here it is! So partially, you have them to thank for this mess.

3. Are any of the characters based off real people?
Yes and no. Most of the characters are a mix-mash of people I know, but aren’t particularly one person. Amber isn’t “me” but she does have a few bits of me (I do like weather a lot) but she’s also a mix of random traits of my sister, one of my cousins (another weatherphile), my boyfriend, a couple other friends), and general fiction character building/Mary-Sue Litmus testing. I like to use topics I have some knowledge of in my stuff (write-what-you-know) , so Ill throw in random interests sometimes. The characters are strongly influenced/inspired by my wacky friends, but none of them are *completely* based off a real person. Most of my friends from high school loved cosplay/costumes/acting, so the con-artist team is inspired by some of them, along with character-building sessions, ect. They're fiction, though.
Wait…there is one gross character (not a main one) who is pretty much based off someone (unfortunately) … .... X(

4. How do you finish all the comics?
I do most of them waaay ahead of time before I post a chapter and I draw constantly, like when Im watching TV, going out to eat, when I’m on the crapper. (You really wanted to know that last bit, didn’t you? The lighting is great in the bathroom, not gonna lie.))

5. Are you going to have a print version of Geode Corner available?
In the future, I hope so! It is one of my goals!
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