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Enjoy amazing FAN ART, from plushies, Sims, to various types of art. I am absolutely thrilled with my fan-art gallery, and I am truly blessed to have received gifts from wonderful people, awesome fans, and some of my favorite web comic artists. I <3 you!

More Fan-Art:

winner By ShevaAlomar
StormDate By Stella Cadente <Webcomic
storm By Failtality <Deviantart
silas By Francesca <Webcomic
Couple By Roxy <Webcomic
Geode_Corner_Fanart_Enrty_by_hitherepeoples By HiTherePeoples <Deviantart
umbrella By PureNightShade <Webcomic
sims1 By Chilli74 <Deviantart
sfs By Fieldis <Deviantart
SexyStripes By ShevaAlomar
air By InnerDeepness <Deviantart
chibi By Derede <Deviantart
amber_silas_trotsky__art_trade_by_sweet_amy_leah-d36jahf By SweetAmyLeah <Deviantart
49__Stripes_by_Chilli74 By Chilli74 <Deviantart
diuana2 By Squeeky <Deviantart
ff723cf4cQ7mq SJ Secret Santa Gift, artist never revealed :(

If you want to send fan-art, email me at

By ShevaAlomar of DeviantArt

By Stella Cadente of Smackjeeve's own:

By Failtality of Deviantart

The images above were winning entries in the first Geode Corner Fan Art Contest! There are plenty more
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